In 2009, a group of passionate swimming enthusiasts came together to create a swim school that would offer top-quality swimming instruction to people of all ages and skill levels. Over the years, this swim school has become a leading provider of swimming lessons in KwaZulu-Natal and has developed a reputation for excellence.

From the very beginning, the founders of the swim school knew that they wanted to offer a program that was not only fun and engaging, but also safe and effective. To this end, they partnered with various government organizations to ensure that their program met the highest safety standards. They also hired only certified training instructors who were experienced and knowledgeable about the latest swimming techniques and best practices.

Mission & Vission

As the years went by, the swim school's reputation grew, and more and more people began to enroll in its programs. The school's instructors became known for their patient and encouraging teaching style, and many students found that they were able to learn to swim much faster than they had expected.

One of the reasons that the swim school has been so successful is that it offers a range of different programs to meet the needs of different students. For beginners, there are basic swim classes that focus on water safety and basic swimming skills. For more advanced swimmers, there are classes that focus on stroke development and competitive swimming techniques. The school also offers private lessons for students who prefer one-on-one instruction.

Over the years, the swim school has also developed a strong sense of community. Many students have become close friends with their classmates and instructors, and the school often hosts events and activities that bring everyone together. This sense of community has helped to create a positive and supportive learning environment, which has in turn helped many students to achieve their swimming goals.

Looking to the future, the swim school is committed to continuing to provide the highest quality swimming instruction to students of all ages and backgrounds. With its experienced instructors, commitment to safety, and strong sense of community, the school is poised to remain a leading provider of swimming lessons in KwaZulu-Natal for many years to come.

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Productive Staff

Meet Our Staff

Get to know our friendly and experienced staff who are dedicated to providing top-quality swimming instruction and customer service.


Vani Govender

Professional Swim Coach and Trainer

Vani is a highly qualified and certified team lead instructor who possesses a wealth of experience teaching swimming to students of all ages and skill levels. Her leadership skills are evident in her ability to motivate and inspire her team to deliver quality instruction in a safe and supportive environment. As a coach, Vani is committed to helping her students achieve their swimming goals through personalized instruction that caters to their unique needs. Her expertise and professionalism make her a respected figure in the swimming community, and she is highly regarded by her peers and students alike.


Vaneshree Thangavelu

Swim Coach and Trainer

Vaneshree is a highly experienced and certified swimming instructor who is passionate about helping individuals of all ages and skill levels reach their swimming goals. They provide a safe and supportive environment to ensure that students receive quality instruction. Additionally, Vaneshree possesses exceptional swimming and diving skills, while also being friendly and approachable, making the learning experience enjoyable for everyone.


Vanessa Govender

Swim Coach and Trainer

Vanessa is a seasoned and certified swimming coach with extensive experience in teaching students of various ages and skill levels. Her teaching style is centered on providing a safe and supportive environment that encourages students to achieve their swimming goals. Vanessa is committed to imparting her knowledge and skills to her students in a way that is both effective and enjoyable. Her exceptional swimming and coaching abilities are complemented by her friendly and approachable demeanor, making her an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality swimming coach.

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